"I love Josh and Ginny. I call them mom and dad, it’s like I’m their surrogate child sitting in the back of the car chiming in and being the third wheel on their dates. It’s really fun to be Ginny and Josh’s fake child."

I’m basically watching a season a day of Rookie Blue I’ll have caught up to the current season by the end of the week.

I have no life.

Quality winter break at it’s finest.

for cheekyhook.


april kepner appreciation week » day two: favorite romantic relationship

↳ Jackson Avery - “You changed me, Jackson, and I loved that.”

I don’t have a specific fave friendship of April with any character because I love a lot of her relationships with other characters so if anyone would like me to do a certain friendship for day 3 of april kepner appreciation week just send me an ask. If I get multiple requests I’ll just do the moment popular. 

April Kepner appreciation week » Day TwoFavourite Romantic Relationship

Jackson Avery 

1/? favorite female characters » Emma Swan

"are you kidding me?"

Dyson Heppell || Requested by maybeyourhopingforafairytaleto 

hey fuckface.

you know who you are because I just sent you an ask. Don’t fucking repost other people’s gifs. Either just reblog or learn to fucking make things yourself. 


Swan Believer Appreciation Week

Day One: Favorite Happy Moment(s)


April Kepner Appreciation Week  → DAY ONE: favourite moment(s)


april kepner appreciation week » day one: favorite moments